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The knowledge of the forever time

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The knowledge of the forever time

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I've just discovered this show by Damon T. Berry on youtube and also available th Amazon. It's very interesting and there are some things that he pointed out I didn't already know.

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So, watch it! Share This:. This documentary not only answers every question we have ever had, but it goes even further and tells us the answer to the greatest question of all time.

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The Great Pyramid of Egypt on the Giza plateau is considered one of the greatest enigmas in the world. This Invitation to enlightenment is unlike any other you have ever seen and it is full of hidden knowledge and also the holiest knowledge on earth. Filmmaker Damon T. Archaeologist, Scientists, and Egyptologists thw have to abandon all that they have learned.

I think for fans of past mysteries of the nazca lines, shemail com egypt pyramid and ancient aliens would love this new take on such conundrum.

For example, in the nazca drawing of the monkey, why are there only 5 fingers on one side, and dating events sydney on the other? Within every stone creation around the world there is also an ominous message and it is given to all who foreve upon this earth, Sadly, this message is lost on our greatest scientists and our best archaeologists, and the reason why is because of our personal view of religion.

The knowledge of the forever time – part 4

Every cave painting of a cow or horse is actually an encrypted prehistoric message, and these messages actually tells us how our world ends. Berry has completely rewritten the fkrever of mankind. It's very interesting and there are some things gay escorts derby he pointed out I didn't already know. I've just discovered this show by Damon T.

Berry Synopsis: The film opens with the howling voices of the last 50, years, and believe it or baltimore chat rooms, their voices are actually screams of fear and desperation. In our world religion dictates whether a discovery is true, worthy, or the work of the devil.

Share this:. Damon T.

Berry's "Knowledge Of The Forever Time," completely silences every scientist and egyptologist with a masterful display of knowledge and vision. I'm pretty sure we're all tired of the same re-hashed stories and information that most of us have watched philly dating the years. This short film is by far the greatest and most powerful discovery of all time.

hook up nyc This is the age of reason and the age of enlightenment and this is Invitation 7. Berry on youtube and also available on Amazon. Berry unveils the Great Pyramid of Egypt in a way that no one ever has before.

It really gets you thinking. Check out their other shows available on Amazon below:. Follow 5 years ago 72 views Writer and Filmmaker, Damon T.

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After more than 5, years of speculation and wonder, scientists and archaeologists are still scratching their he and debating the construction of the Great Pyramid Of Egypt. That's why, after watching one of their trailer, I was rather intrigued and realized that they had shown some things, I've never heard moca dating website.

I've post one of their episode here. This program presents lost knowledge of an extraterrestrial connection to our ancient past.

It has always been a fascinating topic of discussion to which the tine and the experts were always summing up their speeches with, "Well no one really knows, and all we can do is guess.