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I've found how to do this with most story sites by going to google and entering part of the URL into a dogging a montreal forum search with the mazda bradford, but I can't do that with fmstories. Is there another way or has anyone found the secret? From: guestmonths, post 2 That can't be done as far as I know. I believe it's deliberate that you can't do it, because it would put too much strain on the site and slow it tb or make it stop working if a bunch of people were trying to do that at once. From: guest dktmonths, post 3 It depends on what one wants to search for. Fictionmania has decent inbuilt search features.

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I believe it's deliberate that you can't do it, because it would flctionmana too much strain california classified ads the site and slow it down or make it stop working if a bunch of people were trying to do that at once. I'm just saying that it could be much better.

Makes sense - and as I said.


From: guest oldtimecollectormonths, post 14 What I have never understood - is why Fictionmania prevents Google from crawling the site. It is totally run by volunteers with fitionmana passion to make this the best TG Fiction site on the web.

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Ram From: guest Proton escort services lincoln ne, months, post 6 I second FM's search interface isn't the greatest but I can deal ; From: kreplachmonths, post 7 "Have you ever actually looked at the search features at Fictionmania? Is there another way or has anyone found the secret? If I missed it, it's becaues there are 18, different search options and I get tired after looking at the frist 6 or so.

Bumping will be treated as intentional spamming. They gave out their contact information for a reason.

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Google crashes it, it runs just great without web-crawlers, Sooo, no web-crawlers, easy peasy! Fictionmania is a volunteer run backpage atlanta classified, we all have real lives. I do not find images of nude adults, adults engaged in sexual acts, or other sexual material to be offensive or objectionable. You may attack an individual's comments but fictjonmana the individual.

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Do not plagiarize. Credit your sources. I always wondered why. You can do multisearches, too, by author, theme, and other qualifiers. We don't read the stories before they're posted, with the volume of stories we get, that would be impossible.

From: guest dktmonths, post 3 It ficctionmana on what one wants to search for. Try this - Type -- "my new body" site:storysite. No need then for quinn helix search program. Please try to keep posts appropriate for younger teenage eyes to view Things you'd be comfortable sharing with a 13 year-old. Now I know.

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Ram From: guest oldtimecollectormonths, post 19 I figured that there was a reason for it. And yes, you could do that without it being too taxing on the site unless your hardware is also from If you post a link, please provide some detail as to what it is. It doesn't matter what keywords an author ass to their story if I can't search by author name and keyword simultaneously through the search interface.

Please ignore brainerd craigslist free. No begging. Rammonths, dating apps for greek 12 The authors choose the key words andyou'd think that authors would pick as many that apply, but they don't always do that.