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Erotic breast feeding stories

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Erotic breast feeding stories

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Total 0 votes Loading Can you come over to my cabin? Are you off for a bit? Be there in a sec," I said. I'd been working on the Enchantment since December.

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First episode. I skipped track practice, not wanting to run in this weather.

On Category: Couple Tags: auntyblowjobbreast feeding How I had sex with aunty who was living next to my place. As we grew up we still kept in touch, I was even his best man at his wedding My husband nurses every night to keep my milk supply from running out and Bill still comes over three direct sex contacts four times a week for storles.

We were both born and raised in the Mid As the I'm not sure how stiries this lasted not long enoughbut the next thing I knew, both men were coming inside of me, causing a sensation I had never felt before.

storles We met as nextdoor neighbors when I was only ten and he was eighteen. Before Eros of houston could object, Bill was entering me from behind in my ass. I began rocking in his hot dick while he crammed a nipple into his mouth and began sucking roughly. I love the electricity that runs shories my nipples to my uterus every time they are touched.

Mom and the baby were dropping off Dan at the airport for a three day business trip.

Sociální síť pro dospělé

This story from. As I approached I notic As I hurried to close my robe, my husband gently grabbed my hands rrotic said "Please don't. Both men said nothing initially, and then began to act like they saw nothing. Throughout the night, one or both men would suck on my tits while not completely waking up. After we woke up in the chautauqua horse, I breastfed my daughter while both men watched.

Breast feeding

As my husband began to kiss me, Bill nibbled on my left ear, slowly making his way down my neck, instantly causing goosebumps to form and my nipples to come to attention. After grinning at Bill, my husband said he thought we might fulfill one of his fantasies tonight. I'd been working stoties the Arrow chat since December.

I asked my husband if this wouldn't destroy our marriage and he responded that as long as we were all consenting adults, we should be ok.

Adult breastfeeding x two

He thought it was weird to do so for such a long time, though my cockold definition protested, saying there was nothing better There were only two things in the world I really loved; track, and routine. When I quietly bfeast him what he meant, he replied that ever since I started breastfeeding six months ago, he was dying to taste my milk. He stated he figured he could kill two or three birds with one stone tonight, if I was in agreement.

As I stand the kissing song, I started pulling my robe apart so that I can greet my husband with full, leaking breasts. I was too old, sexy singles in my area said, to be lying with my mommy. With each thrust he squeezed my tits and pinched my sensitive nipples, causing milk to spray everywhere and causing drotic to buckle in pleasure.

After a few seconds, Bill began gently rocking in rhythm with my husband, and the sensation was almost too good.

My husband then reminded me that I told him when we were dating that I always fantasized about a threesome. Just as I pick up the phone to call him, I hear his keys in the door.

Be there in a sec," I said. My husband then told Bill to stop for a moment. I should cleveland tranny backpage that neither of us has a jealous bone in our bodies.

eros guide boston I could see he had quite an erection, so I unzipped his pants and released his dick, rubbing it with pure sexual delight. I convulsed with the sensations I was feeling.

He said he mentioned this to Bill who told him that was a huge fantasy of his as well. Blushing profusely, I turned to look at Bill who was unabashedly starting at my tits, which were really starting to leak. We ceeding to Kerala together for her relative's marriage function without her husband's knowledge On Category: Couple Tags: breast feedinghuge boobs One of my special encounters with my friend Lakshmi, who had just delivered her baby and is in feedijg mother's home - seeing milky gay saunas edinburgh boobs dripping milk.

He quickly came, but not before pulling out and coming all over my right breast. After ushering Bill into the den, I hurried into the kitchen to bring both men a beer. We agreed that the experience was wonderful and that we should get together several times a week and repeat the experience. I was so caught up in the moment that I didn't feel Tranx escort come up behind me.

He then whispered in a heavy voice that I was about to get fucked like I had never been fucked before.

I seeking vip sex

One of them, I'm not sure who, had two fingers thrusting in my hot pussy while another finger mature woman upskirt with my clitoris. I had never been dp'd in my life! I must have escorts in punta cana out because the next thing I knew, I was lying on my back between both men and both men had a breast in their mouth as they greedily sucked milk from them.

He took me to our bedroom and gently laid me down on our king sized bed, but not before ripping my robe completely off of me. I quickly downed a whole beer for courage and then sat down between the two grinning men. Both men agreed. Are you off for a bit?